ClaimRight is a company that has one purpose; to make lives easy. We put your best interests ahead of ours and we priced our services in a way that enables people to keep as much of their money as possible and to reduce claims cost.

We have developed propriety technology that gives us an edge over our compeition and lower our costs. 

Our claim success rate is 95% for Centrelink (national average is 26%) and 99% for Insurance. 


We can help you with:

  • Disability Support Pension and Carer Pension
  • Carer Allowance
  • Mobility Allowance
  • Age Pension
  • Age Care Assessment forms

How we do it?

We use our advanced technology to assess your impairments, income and assets; as well as your partner's work and situation against Centrelink criteria. 

When you know how Centrelink is assessing you, you may then be able to obtain the evidence you need or seek financial advice to adjust your finances to meet the criteria for the payment you are seeking.

Then, when everything matches up we go ahead and claim for you. We may even stand in Centrelink lines if we have to on your behalf!

Our cost: $440 to lodge DSP, $770 Age Pension, $870 for Carer Allowance/ Payment, inclusive of GST. Please refer to our contract.




You may have bought personal insurance such as life, Total & Permanent Disability, Income Protection or Trauma yourself; or hold some of those through your super fund.

We offer you the following:

  • A FREE entitlement report identifying what you actually have
  • Assessment of the policy by a suitably qualified expert at our cost, a long with an opinion based on your health and work history.
  • A full claim service at a fraction of the cost of what you expect to pay a similar insurance claims service.
  • Then upon approval, a complimentary session with a suitably qualified professional to discuss tax and Centrelink impact at our cost.

Our Cost: personal insurance claims are priced at $1,290 for Income Protection (base rate) and $3900 for Total and Permanent Disability (base rate) inclusive of GST, on a no win no fee basis. (correct as at Feb 2020)

Superannuation Release

Unlike other providers, we truly understand disability and how hard it is to live on very little. While you wait, you may opt to release some of your savings based on disability grounds (incapacity).

We are able to organise this for people who are:

  • Sick or disabled for a prolonged period of time
  • Their doctors will sign to certify they may never return to work they are suitably qualified for, experienced in and/or educated in.
  • Good for people who are awaiting payments or want peace of mind knowing they can access their savings to avoid financial hardship.

You should consider this only after seeking financial or legal advice. We can organise a free consultation with a suitably qualified professional to go through it with you.

Our cost: $770 inclusive of GST and this includes liasing with medical practicioners should you need advocacy/ help, taking care of the paperwork and directly dealing with the super trustee on your behalf. No win no fee basis, 

Debt Waivers and Debt Forgiveness

If you have credit cards and personal loans; and you are also disabled or severly unwell we offer a specialised service where we may be able to waive and forgive the debt.

For example, we have been able to waive credit card debt as high as $75,000 for one client.

Our Cost: $770 per debt facility. No win, no fee.

NDIS & Other Services


Disability and illness systems are complex. When it comes to NDIS, we can support you by allowing you access to our body functionality system "HearMe" that will be used to identify what supporting evidence you need.

We are also able to attend by phone, video or person NDIS planning meeting as your expert support.

We can also be on the phone with you when you register for NDIS and assist you in the initial registration stage.

Public & Community Housing Applications

We can assist you in applying for housing. Housing applications are known to be very complicated and we are the right team with the right expertise to you with complex claims.

Our Cost: from $135 per hour inclusive of GST

Let's get you money.