Supporting Your Clients Together.

Professionals we work with become our greatest ambassadors.


Our team comprises of people who hold advanced legal qualifications, disability & health, financial, actuarial and accounting degrees. All claims are powered by advanced private and proprietry technology 

You will not find a better team in Australia. and we are all here to support you with technical and expert knowledge.

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Client Satisfaction

Our client centered approach means we designed our service and systems to make people feel welcome and empowered. 

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Support for Financial Planners

You can trust us to handle your clients with care and to keep you updated in real time. You will also focus on your core services by entrusting a specialised service to handle things outside your core areas of competence as per FASEA Code requirements.

Upon success, we will refer your client back to you for financial advice.

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Support for Medical Practicioners

Breaking the terrible news of a life changing diagnosis can be overwhelming. Our experienced staff make life easier for your patients during a difficult time by identifying and claiming their entitlements. A patient who is less financially stressed is a patient who can focus on their health and wellbeing.

Support for Lawyers

Never turn anyone away! We support lawyers with non-commercial claims. Our fees are priced at a point to enabling us to deliver services efficiently to your non-commercial clients. We will keep you up to date and if the client needs legal advice we refer back.

Other Services

We provide full support services for people with disability and their professional network that include:

- Special Disability Trust approvals - Debt Waivers - Full service Centrelink claims - Income Protection -Total & Permanent Disability claims - NDIS applications -NDIS planning meeting support - 


If your client does not obtain their insurances or is unable to access superannuation, your client will not pay a dollar. Zero.